Our services


Anton Industrial Services’s experts have many years of experience in engineering, installing and maintaining industrial installations on industrial complexes such as concrete plants, steelworks, bulk transport and (petro) chemical plants. Revision and maintenance work on technical installations, expanding and renewing existing pipelines and modifying installations is where we get to our right.

In addition, we have the knowledge and expertise at home in both ground and underground piping, providing high-quality welding work, pressure vessels, pump and filter installations and inspection and cleaning of pipelines. All work is carried out by professionals who have a high level of safety and sustainable working.

Anton Constructions specializes in engineering, production, preservation and assembly of steel products. Using a modern machine park, products ranging from stairs and stationery to machine parts are manufactured in the Obdam workroom. Our skilled engineers assemble the products at the challenging locations of industrial complexes.

Anton Construction & Concrete Engineering is specialist in concrete constructions, both on site and prefab in the factory. New buildings, renovations, repairs and inspections to component construction, modification to management and maintenance. We not only provide concrete solutions, but also perform repairs. In addition, we provide the design and construction of small-scale works of art.

Based on the specific application, we offer the client an optimal solution and best installation according to the latest technology, with the highest quality and the shortest possible lead time. Because industrial processes must go through. Our expertise is craftsmanship, in which quality, sustainability, safety and environmental awareness are paramount. Our certificates prove that we comply with this.