The business units

The Anton Group is divided into different subsidiaries. Business units that complement each other and, where possible amplify each other.

Anton Constructiewerken

Anton Constructiewerken is specialized in engineering, production, preservation and assembly of steel products. Using a modern machine park, products ranging from stairs and stationery to machine parts are manufactured in the Obdam workshop. Our skilled engineers assemble the products at challenging locations like tunnels, airports, railways and industrial manufacturing sites.

Anton Bouw & Betontechniek

In charge of municipalities, water boards, companies and individuals, Anton Bouw & Betontechniek provides, installs, adapts and renovates all types of concrete structures. We are specialist in concrete constructions on site but also prefabricated from the factory. We provide concrete solutions and renovations of concrete structures. In addition, we provide the design and construction of small-scale works of art.

Anton Rail & Infra

From engineering to implementation, thanks to the broad knowledge in various contract forms, Anton Rail & Infra is able to tackle very diverse projects. This includes the design, construction, reconstruction, management, maintenance and refurbishment of civilian projects such as fixed and movable bridges and the adaptation of tunnel technical installations. Well-known names such as ProRail and the GVB now know how to find Anton Rail & Infra. We devise and deliver total solutions for the challenges facing these companies, on and around the railways.

Harder Constructie- & Adviesbureau

This division of the Anton Group is a construction engineering and consulting firm with highly trained technical professionals. We work in the top segment of (building) constructions. From a solid basis, we make constructive calculations and drawings. We offer governments, architects and contractors tailored solutions and creative solutions where necessary.

Anton Industrial Services

Anton Industrial Services’s experts have many years of experience in engineering, installing and maintaining industrial installations on industrial complexes such as concrete plants, steelworks, bulk transport and (petro) chemical plants. Revision and maintenance work on technical installations, expanding and renewing existing pipelines and modifying installations is where we get to our right. In addition, we have the knowledge and expertise in both ground and underground piping, providing high-quality welding work, pressure vessels, pump and filter installations and inspection and cleaning of pipelines. All work is carried out by professionals who have a high level of safety and sustainable working.

Anton Air Support

Anton Air Support is a specialist in inspecting, renovating and maintenance Passenger Boarding Bridges at airports. Thanks to our years of experience at many different airports and with inspecting and renovating all types of PBB’s, we possess the specific knowledge necessary for renovating an old PBB into a brand-new PBB. From steel constructions up to the electrical installation and the accompanying operating controls; we are the expert. We also take care of the transport and installation of new PBBs.

Anton Staalbouw

We provide a total service. We measure, design, manufacture and assemble steel constructions for new construction and renovations. These are used in business buildings, industrial halls, sports halls and residential houses. We think along with the customer and are creative in solutions. This results in efficiently executed designs and operations.

Kok Infra

Kok Infra realizes projects within the construction segments ground, road construction, hydraulic engineering, demolition, renovation and refurbishment. We are specialized in projects such as preparing areas for construction, redesign and reconstruction of roads itself. We approach projects from an integral vision. We supervise projects from design and engineering, to implementation and final delivery.

Anton Integrale Staalprojecten

Anton Integrale Staalprojecten works as a (main) contractor at large projects with steel in the lead. We take care of the total project management of the structural work, including design, engineering, implementation and delivery. Anton Integrale Staalprojecten has a great network in which all facets of construction are represented. One project manager keeps the overview, maintains contact with all stakeholders and guarantees quality. You are assured of the highest quality for the best price in the market.

De Leeuw Protection Systems

De Leeuw Protection Systems is a leading supplier of MULTIFILM indoor sun protection and Front Security security fences, rolling grilles and roller shutters. We protect people, companies and goods by creating innovative products that offer security and convenience. We are the specialist in this field thanks to our years of experience.

Hoogendijk Bouw

Hoogendijk Bouw is a contractor that builds great projects for both the business and private market. We take care of the new construction, extension and renovation of a business hall, office building, barn or residence from A to Z. Every project is unique and thanks to our flexible working method and our permanent team of well-trained specialists, we can realize all wishes and requirements. This includes the design, construction calculations, applying for the correct permit, the construction and facilities. You can also hire us for individual parts of a new construction process or renovation.