Our services

Harder Constructie- en Adviesbureau is a construction engineering and consulting firm with highly trained technical professionals. We work in the top segment of (building) constructions. From a solid basis, we make constructive calculations and drawings.


Consultancy, design and calculation of concrete, steel, wood and stone structures.


Provide strength, stability and foundation calculations for constructions.

Overview drawings

Taking care of outline drawings receivers for the planning application of the construction.

Shape and reinforcement drawings

Taking care of shape- and reinforcement drawings with respect to the construction.

3D drawings

Making 3D drawings for the implementation and construction of the building.


Measuring in the work using, among other things, an in-depth robot (Total Station) and a 3D scanner.

CO2 performance ladder level 5

We are in possession of performance ladder level 5, the highest in this category, which means that we make every effort to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Latest news

A lot is happening at the Anton Group, the company that Harder Constructie- en Adviesbureau is part of. Below you can read the latest news about our company.

Harder Constructie & Adviesbureau

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