Anton Groep builds Vaandel Heerhugowaard

The builders of the Anton Group are currently working on a completely new, contemporary accommodation on the Vaandel in Heerhugowaard. A complex consisting of no less than 11,500 m2. From 2022, the Anton Groep operating companies: Anton Rail & Infra, Anton Staalbouw, Harder Constructie en Adviesbureau, De Leeuw Protection Systems and Kok Infra will be located here.

Anton Groep builds Vaandel Heerhugowaard

At the beginning of April, sister company Kok Infra started with the earthwork and the first pile driving activities were carried out. Everything was being prepared for the first post. From now on, the construction of the new building of the Anton Group in Heerhugowaard will become increasingly visible.


Anton Groep stands for craftsmanship, in which sustainability, safety and attention to the environment and the living environment are paramount. Sustainability was a major point of attention when designing the new Anton accommodation. For example, the building is completely climate-neutral, meets the EPC 0 standard and has a minimum lifespan of 50 years. The energy is generated thanks to the 600 solar panels on the roof. All energy generated with this is also consumed.

The building will be finished with sandwich panels. These panels consist of an outer and inner plate of metal with an insulating PIR foam layer in between. The panels are easy to work with and have a high insulation value. Moreover, the material is easy to clean from the outside.

A wadi (Water Drainage Through Infiltration) will also be installed. A wadi is a water collection for rainwater. This ensures that this water can infiltrate the soil. This will reduce the burden on the sewer system and perhaps more importantly: the groundwater is replenished.

Special infiltrating paving will be installed around the building. Infiltrating paving is paving in or along which rainwater sinks into the subsoil. With traditional pavements, the rainwater immediately runs into the sewer. By applying infiltrating paving, you keep the water in the road foundation.

Finally, the increase in electric cars is also being taken into account during construction and in the long term a total of 20 charging stations will be installed and there is room for 40 charging stations.

Did you know…

  • the total duration from drawing to delivery will take approximately 2 years;
  • 20 companies, including of course the Anton Groep operating companies themselves, are participating in the realization of the new business premises;
  • a total of 7 kilometers of piles are used in the development;
  • 900 m3 of concrete is needed for the realization of the new building;
  • a total of 230,000 kilos of steel is processed in the company building.
  • the Anton Groep builds the Vaandel in Heerhugowaard to be future proof.