Thorough renovation old passenger boarding bridges airport Leeds in UK

Anton Air Support – on behalf of Leeds Bradford Airport – thoroughly renovated two passenger boarding bridges of each 18 years old. For example, the entire cabling was replaced by a new set, all sensors were renewed and  both the bridges we provided with a new entrance.. The sequential shutters of De Leeuw Protection Systems were chosen because of the optimal safe and easy operation and the professional appearance.

We also installed a new control system on both passenger boarding bridges including a hyper modern touchscreen control panel. The design of this new control system and the associated test activities were part of the assignment and have been implemented in close collaboration with RATE Australia. After extensive testing on various aircraft and after give a training to the operators of the airport in the use of the completely renovated bridges, Anton Air Support handed over both bridges to the Operation team. With a satisfied customer and the holidays ahead, another performance has been delivered that we can be proud of.

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