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Anton Air Support is a specialist in passenger boarding bridge inspection, renovation and Passenger Boarding Bridge maintenance at airports. Thanks to our years of experience at many different airports and with inspecting and renovating all types of Passenger Boarding Bridges, we possess the specific knowledge necessary for renovating an old Passenger Boarding Bridge into a brand-new PBB. From steel constructions up to the electrical installation and the accompanying operating controls: we are the expert.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Inspection

Anton Air Support determines the current state and lifespan of your Passenger Boarding Bridge and provides advice and recommendations by means of a detailed inspection report.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Renovation

We renovate entire PBBs. A new bridge deck, upgrading the substructure, replacement of the technical installation or the existing operating system. We are the specialist in this field.

Transport & installation

Thanks to our experience in transport and installation of PBB’s, you can count on the PBB arriving on location quickly, expertly, safely and professionally and is put into operation.

What is the condition of your Passenger Boarding Bridge?

Request the free sample inspection report of the current condition of your Passenger Boarding Bridge and receive a recommendation and advice how to achieve a longer operational lifespan!

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