Renovation of Rotterdam Noord station

Anton Rail & Infra is renovating Rotterdam Noord station, making it more accessible for disabled people. The renovation is now in full swing.

The ramp on the north side will be extended and flattened. On the south side, the ramp will be replaced by a lift.

Project status

Anton Bouw & Betontechniek has now placed the concrete retention walls on the south side of the station, and Anton Rail & Infra has built the new lift and stairs. After that, all cables and pipes for the installations were installed. At the beginning of September, the walls will be covered with brick slips.

The north side of the station will have a new staircase and ramp. Because the current slope of the railway was not stable enough to build a new slope, a new sheet pile screen of 70 meters long was placed in the toe of the slope (see photos). This week the new stairs will be installed and then the ramp will be made.

Harder Constructie- & Adviesbureau has done the engineering of the project.