New construction steel frame house Broekerwerf

The time has come, the new collaboration between Hoogendijk Bouw and Atlanta will bear the first fruits. In 2022, the first steel frame house will be built by the duo. Breddels architects designed the house. The first pile will be driven in February 2022 at the Broekerwerf in Broek op Langedijk.


The design for the house is provided by Breddels architects, who have chosen a suitable and sleek design in combination with the location on the water. Hoogendijk Bouw will deliver the house completely ready for sauce. Among other things, they will give the facade a sleek finish with a white stucco layer. And the house is given a warm touch by using wooden and natural stone strips. Ultimately, the house will have a modern look, partly due to the choice of aluminum frames.

Environmentally aware

Everything is taken into account when building a new home. For example, the house will have a flat roof tile in combination with solar panels, but a source heat pump and a heat recovery system will also be installed. All these components, together with the well-insulated steel frame construction, ensure high living comfort and low energy costs. This is not only beneficial for future residents, but also contributes to CO2 emissions.


During the project, Hoogendijk Bouw will collaborate with various parties, for example, the installation work will be performed by Witte installations. The earthwork and the outdoor sewerage will be carried out by sister operating company Kok Infra, as will the concrete work and hot steel, which will be provided by Anton Bouw & Betontechniek and Anton Constructiewerken. And as mentioned before, the steel frame construction is provided by Atlanta Steel Frame Construction.