Construction pit for residential complex Bergen

Commissioned by a regular client, Kok Infra B.V. realizes the complete construction pit for a residential complex  in Bergen. The construction pit is located at the Kerkelaan to create a basement.

Because the complex to be built occupies 75% of the building plot and is surrounded by monumental trees, there is little work space left. This brings an extra challenge to achieve the end result.

Kok Infra B.V. has carried out the construction pit by performing the following disciplines:

The delivery and vibration-free installation of a steel sheet pile construction AZ18-700 with a plank length of 8.0m1 including calculation, drawing, and stamping frame;
Manufacturing a horizontal water-retaining soil injection;
The installation and maintenance of a leakage water system that is focused on a construction pit with bottom injection;
The excavation and fine profiling of the excavation pit including removal of the approximately 1800 tonnes of soil released.

After the construction pit for the residential complex in bergen was completed, Anton Bouw & Betontechniek B.V. started with the construction of the concrete basement.