200 meters of gutter installed and deposited at Schiphol

Schiphol is constantly changing and Anton can regularly contribute to this.

In this case, we installed and dumped 200 meters of gutter together with our client in a very short time.

Short turnaround

A short lead time was essential. After all, we had to minimize the inconvenience caused by the construction of the A pier and the closure of the aircraft stands.

Reinforcement by Loos OV

OV & Loos Wapeningscentrale has prefabricated the reinforcement. They have also devised a smart system for the inner gutter, fully pre-fabricated the formwork, and performed continuous services, so that the work took only 2 days to complete.

Why Anton Bouw & Betontechniek?

The client has chosen Anton Bouw & Betontechniek because of their great commitment and their familiarity with the environment. In addition, it was a major advantage that Anton Bouw & Betontechniek works closely with OV & Loos Reinforcement Center. That way we could guarantee a short lead time.