Stairwell and installation PBB airport Zaventem for Airbus A380

For many years Zaventem Airport in Brussels wants to bring in the Airbus A380. The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world with eight hundred seats. Due to its size, it has so far been unable to land and maneuver well at the national airport of Belgium. The aircraft is also a double-decker device. The passengers of the upper deck are so high that it is difficult to get them out properly. That problem has now been solved.

Anton Air Support B.V. has created and designed a Passenger Staircase Building for a bridge supplier, in collaboration with the various Anton operating companies. The Passenger Staircase Building connects the fixed bridges with the movable passenger bridges to the aircraft. Because of this construction, passengers can enter and leave the aircraft quickly, safely and easily. The installation consists of two staircases and various tunnel sections. These have been signed, constructively calculated and then built and installed.

The design and drawings were made by Anton Construction Works and 3DTS and Ruud Schipper. The calculations were done by Anton Construction- & Advice. Anton Construction Works has, after approval of the designs, the various staircases, which form the connection with the movable bridges and technical spaces, built in collaboration with Anton Steel who has taken care of the steel assembly. This concerns the production of the steel construction up to and including complete dismantling of floors, walls, roofs, windows, doors and curtain walls. Anton Construction & Concrete Engineering took care of the floors of the Passenger Staircase Buildings and the Aircraft Loading Walkways. She provided this with a steel plate concrete floor.