Successful FAT for Schiphol Railway Tunnel escape door system

On behalf of ProRail, Anton Rail & Infra will replace 27 emergency door systems in the Schiphol Railway Tunnel.

Factory Acceptance Test

Before Anton Rail & Infra may replace the door systems, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) must first take place. With a FAT test set-up, Anton shows that the emergency exit door system meets all requirements.

For example, the 100N requirement: Anton Rail & Infra, in collaboration with Anton Constructiewerken, has installed a fire-resistant emergency exit door of 700 kg that opens with less than 10 kg of pulling force (!).


The SAT (Site Acceptance Test) will take place at the end of October. We will then apply the approved FAT door in the tunnel, to demonstrate that the door is functioning properly in the tunnel.

If that is successful, we will replace the first 9 doors at the beginning of December.