Roof restoration of substation at railstation Heerhugowaard

Anton Rail & Infra is commissioned by ProRail to carry out work on the stations, the railway and the rail-bound buildings. For example, Anton Rail & Infra also replaced the roof of the substation in Heerhugowaard. The old roof plates had sagged and were propped up with wooden posts. These activities were carried out in collaboration with Anton Bouw & Betontechniek and Hoogendijk Bouw.

No delay, but still protection

ProRail’s condition was that the trains should not be hindered by the workactivities and that all installations in the building had to be protected against water, dust and precipitation. A temporary roof has been placed under the existing roof for this. Subsequently, the old roof sheets were removed, the new roof sheets were applied and provided with a vapor barrier, PIR insulation and Bitumen white roof covering.

Substation function

A substation is an electrical installation in the high-voltage grid. It creates a connection between two or more high-voltage grids or forms a connection point to the high-voltage grid.