Replacement of roofing station Amersfoort Central

Anton Rail & Infra has been commissioned by ProRail, for the replacement of roofing, at station Amersfoort Central. The existing PVC roof covering has reached the end of its life and must be replaced.

Replacement of the roofing at station Amersfoort

These activities consist of removing the existing PVC roof covering, repairing the roof boarding at the location of rotten spots, preserving the steel gutter, inspecting rainwater drains and applying EPDM roof covering to the roof boarding and in the gutter.

Collaboration Anton Groep operating companies

In order to be able to safely carry out the work on the platform roof, Harder Constructie & Adviesbureau constructively calculated a temporary edge protection designed by Anton Rail & Infra. The temporary edge protection was installed by Anton Industrial Services, over a length of 420 meters, on the roof gutter during a number of night-time shutdowns.

By placing the temporary edge protection, the work can be carried out during the day. After these activities have been carried out, the platform roof can be used again for years. The replacement of the roofing at station Amersfoort Central was a great succes.