Employees Anton Groep in local newspaper

1 March 2019

Four colleagues from the Anton Group, with different positions and working at different operating companies, were interviewed about their work, their education and their ideas about the future. This was published on Thursday 28 February in 2 pages in the Kogge newspaper.

We are a young and fast-growing company and are always looking for both young starting and experienced employees. By giving the floor to the employee himself, we address people who are looking for a (new) job in a different way than when we only place an advertisement. And since more than half of the Anton Group employees come from this region, this publication is not only fun for them, but it also ensures recognition.

In the coming weeks, all companies that fall under the Anton Group will be placed in the spotlight, like Hoogendijk Bouw, De Leeuw Protection Systems and the Loos Betongroep. With this we hope to increase brand awareness and many registrations from new colleagues!

Employees Anton Groep in local newspaper