About us


Hoogendijk Bouw realizes great projects for both the business and private market. We can take care of the new construction, extension and renovation of a industrial building, office building or residence from A to Z.

Every project is unique and through our flexible working method and our own team of well-trained specialists, we can realize all wishes and requirements. This includes the design of the building, the construction calculations, the procedures and permits, construction and facilities. You can also hire us for the desired individual parts of a new construction process or renovation.

Our family grew, the house also had to be bigger. A beautiful construction simultaneously with the renovation of our home. From the plan and the design, to delivery within three months. Compliments.

The Loon family

How we work

We distinguish ourselves from our colleagues not only by our knowledge, expertise, quality and transparent competitive price, but also by our flexibility and commitment. Every contractor prepares, every contractor carries out, every contractor takes care of it, but it is all about your mindset.

We are affiliated with BouwGarant. This guarantees that you has to do with a contractor who has arranged everything properly.

  • We comply with the correct certificates and insurance policies;
  • We own all quality requirements and quality tests;
  • We have proven experience in the construction sector;
  • We make clear agreements and naturally we stick to them.

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Poel 15
1713 GL Obdam
The Netherlands

T. 0031 (0)226 216 001

E: info@hoogendijkbouw.nl

KvK 54067286

BTW NL8524.55.331.B01

NL89RABO 0331.7974.29

NL21RABO 0991.4154.34