Introduction The Leeuw Protection Systems North of the Netherlands

The Leeuw Protection Systems has been introduced to the North of the Netherlands. There was a column about the company in the Kogge newspaper on Thursday 14 March. The article was about the Anton Group’s takeover of last year and Director Bart Burger tells “what they are doing.” For more information, visit the website.

Anton Group participated consciously safe

On Friday, March 16, we discussed working safely at companies, on construction sites and on projects spread across the country. At the Anton Groep, safe working is not up for discussion, it is paramount. The Anton Group has participated in this initiative to increase safety awareness. All board members, group management and company directors visited projects within the Anton Group and gave a short explanation, combined with a V & G inspection on the project.

Anton Rail & Infra receives an assignment for Utrecht CS

In recent years, various contractors have been working hard on the current Utrecht Central Station. Due to the increasing number of travelers, the current station has become too small. The station hall is therefore being converted into a large Public Transport Terminal, so all the public transport are brought together under one roof. In addition to the significant expansion of the transfer floor area, 8000 m2 of retail space will also be realized.

The entire station and associated platforms have been almost completely renewed. ProRail and NS have decided to tackle the parts that have not yet been refurbished. Anton Rail & Infra B.V. will carry out the following work:

  • Upgrading the Middentunnel
  • Construction work Noordertunnel
  • Building and installation work on the platforms (train, tram and bus)

Below an impression of the current situation and the end result.