Anton Construction and Concrete technic for sustainability in the concrete chain

3 November 2020

In mid-2016, the then Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and MVO Nederland took the initiative to implement the earlier plans of the Green Deal Sustainability of the Concrete Chain, which was completed at the beginning of 2016, with the Concrete Agreement. An initiative that Anton Bouw & Betontechniek supports and is happy to contribute to sustainability in the concrete chain through connection.

What does the Concrete Agreement say?

The Concrete Agreement is committed to making concrete more sustainable throughout the sector and chain. The agreement focuses on four themes: CO2 reduction, circular economy, innovation and education and natural capital. Within these four themes, the signatories of the agreement want:

  • improve competitiveness
  • increase employment
  • increase exports

without compromising on quality, safety and durability of concrete.

As mentioned, the Concrete Agreement gives substance to the goals and ambitions for the concrete chain. A few examples: 30% CO2 reduction in 2030 compared to 1990 with an ambition of up to 49% reduction in the chain, 100% high-quality reuse of released concrete in 2030 and immediately replace at least 5% of the total volume of aggregates with concrete residues. The Concrete Agreement also indicates which party will achieve those goals and ambitions.

The cabinet is stimulating

With the Raw Materials Agreement and the Construction Transition Agenda, the cabinet wants to make agreements that contribute to the realization of the objectives of the Concrete Agreement. For example, the government wants all government tenders to be circular from 2030. From 2023, the cabinet will initiate that requests from the government, national, provincial and municipal, are circular, unless this is not (fully) possible. A first indispensable step on this circularity path is to gain insight into the materials and raw materials used in buildings and other works.

Contribution Anton Construction & Concrete technic

As an active promoter of the CSR CO2 Performance Ladder, participation in the Concrete Agreement is fully in line with our values. Based on this initiative, Anton Bouw & Betontechniek applies 30% recycled granulate in the concrete as standard, if the construction allows it. In the recently completed works, 13m3 of biobound concrete (elephant grass) has now been used successfully.

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Anton Construction and Concrete technic for sustainability in the concrete chain