Step 4 Safety ladder achieved

28 May 2019

We have recently taken step 4 of the Safety Ladder. We are very proud of this. By achieving this 4th step on the Safety Ladder, we show that safety has a very high priority within our company. We have included an extensive package of safety measures in our business operations and we constantly look at optimization when implementing the safety policy. Not only have measures been set up to ensure that employees can work in a reliable and safe way, we also think it is very important that (sub) contractors who carry out work for us can do this safely.

The Anton Life Saving Rules

A lot of time and energy is invested in raising the safety awareness of the employees and (sub) contractors who perform work for the Anton Group. Both at the offices of the Anton Group and at the projects where work is being carried out, you can clearly see that people are working and acting safely. The Anton Life Saving Rules are clearly present and they are applied consistently. During the Anton toolbox meetings, safe working is always discussed and reports about unsafe situations are actively dealt with. Improvements are systematically introduced and evaluated. Messages about unsafe and safe working are shared on the intranet and employees are encouraged to submit reports and talk to each other about unsafe behavior. This results in thinking ahead and taking the initiative, few accidents and a large number of reported unsafe situations.

The Safety Ladder

The Safety Ladder is intended as a measure to encourage companies and their suppliers to consciously work safely with fewer incidents (absence, damage) as a result. The Safety Ladder offers frameworks for safe working for companies that are active in various sectors. No distinction is made between clients, contractors or suppliers.

Step 4 Safety ladder achieved