Anton Group even greener: 800 solar panels

22 November 2019

We love the sun! And soon we will be using solar energy at five locations.

Klaver Giant Groep currently installs solar panels on the roofs of five of our buildings, with which six operating companies will soon be using solar energy.

CO2 footprint

Throughout the year we are consciously working on our CO2 footprint and especially its reduction. We have reached level 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder for CO2 management. One of our goals at the end of 2018 was to switch to green energy.

We already did that with our energy contracts. But we like to go the extra mile. With so many commercial properties, we have enough roof area that catches sunlight. That is why we now have a total of 800 solar panels installed for 7 connections. This is a significant step forward in reducing our footprint!

Anton Group even greener: 800 solar panels