3D scanner

Harder Constructie- en Adviesbureau uses a 3D scanner for optimal mapping of an environment, object, commercial or office building. The images that the 3D scanner registers are translated into a digital 3D model, the Pointcloud. We can develop a 3D model based on this Pointcloud. With this, an adjustment to the existing design or extension to a new design can then be further elaborated in a model or on a drawing.

The 3D scanner measures an enormous amount of points, a point cloud (hence Pointcloud), so the environment can be recorded in detail.

A big advantage is that, in addition to making the 3D scans, we can also work out the further drawings of the environment in detail.

Advantages 3D scanner

  • Effective and efficient way to take measurements
  • Translate scan (s) into digital 3D model
  • Accurate calculation of the dimensions of the room
  • Detailed, three-dimensional representation of space
  • Digital editing has endless possibilities for an existing design or extension thereof
  • Time-saving and cost-efficient by performing a one-time scan on location
  • The scan also provides good insight into all existing parts (eg piping), so that any problem areas become visible on the scan at an early stage.

“What a great machine, another great step forward that I will certainly use frequently.” Bob Harmsen, work planner Anton Constructiewerken

When to use the 3D scanner?

For recording an existing situation, think of, for example:

  • An extension or extension
  • A renovation

In short, the 3D scanner works optimally for the information processing of existing buildings, where adjustments and / or expansion of the building are desired.