Participation Safety Awareness Day, March 20, 2019

25 March 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 was the annual Day of Safety in the construction sector. The Anton Group also participated – just like last year – because safety has the highest priority within the Anton Group; it forms the base of our working method.

All members of the board, group management and company directors have visited current projects and provided a brief explanation, possibly combined with a H&S inspection of the project. They also brought ‘Consciously Safe’ cakes for the men and women on location and in the office. Special Safety Awareness posters were created, hung up and distributed in advance. On Friday 22 March a presentation was given, followed by a drink to jointly conclude the Anton Safety Awareness Day.

The Anton Group has included an extensive package of safety measures in its business operations and the implementation of the safety policy is constantly being looked at optimization. Not only have measures been set up to ensure that employees can continue to work in a reliable and safe manner, the Anton Group also believes it is very important that (sub) contractors who carry out work for us can do this safely.

Participation Safety Awareness Day, March 20, 2019