Waterways residential project Julianadorp

Kok Infra B.V. has started preparing the waterways residential project in Julianadorp, which belongs to the municipality of Den Helder. Preparing the residential area for construction will be combined with the realization of waterways in the municipality of Den Helder.

Tender Municipality of Den Helder

On behalf of the municipality of Den Helder, Kok Infra B.V. the project Watergang Willem Alexanderhof Sub-area 2 in Julianadorp. Kok Infra B.V. was invited by the municipality of Den Helder, together with four other contractors, to tender for this project. Kok Infra B.V. is hereby appointed as main contractor. The contract form concerns a RAW specification.

Work on Willem Alexanderhof project Sub-area 2

To prepare the future residential area for construction, Kok Infra B.V., as a subsidiary of Anton Groep, is carrying out the following activities for the municipality:

  • Excavating and profiling new waterways. The released soil is transported and processed within the project area;
  • Applying the required groundwater drainage;
  • Installing steel culverts Ø600mm under various cables and pipes;
  • Delivery and installation of 161m1 plastic sheet piles with wooden posts and anchors;
  • Supply and installation of 102.50m1 plastic sheeting.

Efficiency thanks to combined work

Because Kok Infra B.V. is also a contractor for preparation for construction in the Willem Alexanderhof district Sub-area 2, the work related to the realization of the waterways can be carried out in combination.