Scaffolding for Asiahaven Amsterdam

Anton Bouw & Betontechniek, as a concrete construction specialist, was asked to build a scaffolding for the Asiahaven in Amsterdam. The scaffolding was meant for an international importer of granite in Amsterdam’s Asia Harbor.

The length of the scaffolding is approximately 29 meters and serves as a loading and unloading facility for inland shipping. The scaffolding was designed and executed by a construction team. In this, the prefab elements and the reinforcement were also worked out in 3D, in order to avoid problems during implementation. The challenge is the short lead time and the tolerances of the piles. After all, these are applied from the water.

A new scaffolding for the Asiahaven in Amsterdam

Anton Bouw & Betontechniek installed the pile reinforcement and poured the piles. Subsequently, concrete slabs were poured into the work. On top of this, prefab concrete slabs have been placed on the supports. These prefab plates are made in our own workshop, the heaviest plate weighs no less than 20 tons. Loos Betonvloeren then casts a concrete pressure layer over the prefabricated slabs. Finally, an upright edge is poured on the outside.

In mid-April, Loos Betonvloeren will pour the deck with concrete, after finishing the scaffolding for the Asiahaven in Amsterdam it can be put into use.