Renovation of platform covers at Leeuwarden station

Anton Rail & Infra has been commissioned by ProRail to renovate the monumental platform covers at Leeuwarden station. These platform caps date from 1891.

In the coming year, the station and platforms will be taken out of use in phases. The existing steel structures of the platform covers are then disassembled.

After this, the platforms are temporarily put back into use, without a covering, with the temporary facilities.

Collaboration with Harder Constructie- & Adviesbureau and Anton Bouw & Betontechniek

After dismantling the platform covers, the quality of the existing wooden foundations will be examined. On the advice of Harder Constructie & Adviesbureau, the foundations are then provided with new concrete bases and, if necessary, new foundation piles, which are made by Anton Bouw & Betontechniek.

From summer 2021 we will start assembling the restored steel construction of the platform covers and the new wooden roof. The wooden roof is made by Anton Bouw & Betontechniek, according to the original details.

The facilities at the station and the installations are also being renovated.

In 2022, Leeuwarden station will look like it used to, but then the station will meet today’s requirements.

Status project

In August we dismantled the monumental roof construction of the 2nd platform at Leeuwarden station (see photo 1). The platform is currently being excavated and the cables and pipelines are being rerouted so that new concrete foundations can be made.

Because we cannot dispose of the ground on the platform, containers have been placed on the track in which we temporarily store the ground (see photo 2).

Over the next 5 weeks, we will prepare the platform and equip it with temporary furnishings (lighting, broadcasting, cameras, signage, etc.). Then we give platform 2 back to the travelers.

After platform 2, we will carry out the same activities in the follow-up phases on platform 3 and the station square. At the same time, we inspect and repair the existing monumental steel structure in the factory of our subcontractor Staalcon. We are already working on this for the first platform (see photo 3) and we will soon also start on this for platform 2.

We will be working on the repair of the steel construction for about 9 months, after which we will put it back and provide it with a new roof, and hang the final station layout on the new roof.