Loos Concrete Floors and Anton Construction & Concrete Technic start construction of Westzaan warehouses

In the port area at the Hoogtij industrial estate in Westzaan, piling started at the end of August 2020 for the construction of three modern warehouses for a storage and transhipment company. So that 75,000 tons of cocoa beans can be stored here in the autumn of 2021.

The client has bought 48,000 square meters of land. Part of it will be built on for the time being. There will be three storage sheds with an area of ​​6,000 square meters each, including a 5-meter deep cellar.

There is room to expand to the construction of a fourth warehouse. This is a logistics company specialized in the transport and storage of goods, products and raw materials.

Concrete floors including formwork and reinforcement

Based on previous positive experiences and references, Loos Concrete Floors was again engaged for the concrete work and the construction of foundations and floors, including formwork and reinforcement. Flat floors were laid between meter-high cuttings. In the concrete construction of the cocoa storage, substantial dimensions were combined with very tight dimensions, especially in the cuttings, and a flatness class 3 in the floors. The high production speed was particularly important for the large number of bases. In the further construction, it is the dimensions of the cuttings that demand the utmost.

Construction of foundation and foundations

Anton Construction & Concrete Technic was asked to give the new warehouses a good foundation. They set to work on making and laying the foundations and foundations, provided with 600m3 concrete, based on a lead time of only 6 weeks. In order to ensure a smooth execution, the preparation has been fully processed in 3D, taking into account phasing, formwork, quantities and details. The warehouses are built according to the most modern insights.