Anton Bouw and Beton and Loos Betonvloeren combine concrete strength

Anton Bouw & Beton has bundled the instruction and instruction together with Loos Betonvloeren and Bleeker Bouw Advies. Especially for Klaver Lily, a large lily grower in Heerhugowaard, a concrete floor with an area of ​​over 640m2 was created.

Optimal growth and flowering conditions

Growing lilies is a true art and requires the utmost precision. In order to achieve a qualitative and high-quality result if the right conditions are to be realized for the growth of this flower species. In order to make the correct transport movements and processing of the lilies as pleasant as possible, Anton Bouw & Beton is asked to realize a suitable concrete construction for this.

Special composition

During cultivation, moisture plays a role and the paths are used intensively. Due to the large quantity transport movements and the extremely wet surface, the carrying capacity is a challenge. Anton Bouw & Beton has devised a special composition in consultation with Loos Beton Obdam to prevent cracking.

Because the landfill location is approximately 400 meters away in the greenhouse, the method of application and processing is also a point of attention. In addition, a pre plans to disrupt current business processes as little as possible. In short, the realization of a concrete floor in a greenhouse is a true art, just like growing lilies.