Work at the railroad yard of Dordrecht

Anton Rail & Infra has carried out work for ProRail on the Dordrecht railway yard. The work is part of the national treatment and preparation contract. We performed them in 8 weeks, during which there was a Large Infra Withdrawal (GIO, where no equipment can drive over the yard) of 76 hours.

Our activities consisted of:

  • the construction of an asphalt road
  • constructing a porphyry path
  • remove power cables
  • installing new power cables
  • divert gas pipeline
  • placing 30 piece of lighting columns
  • installation of 6 service points
  • set of 60 meter retaining walls
  • laying 400 meters of water pipes, pressure pipe, waste water drainage and drainage
  • founding a feeding point on the main network
  • connect to the municipal sewer and connect to the Waternet.