Successful FAT for escape route system Barendrecht

Anton Rail & Infra B.V. is commissioned by ProRail, working on the project ” Adjusting escape route system roofing Barendrecht ”. This project is a pilot project for ProRail because they want to meet new and stricter requirements for flight door systems in railway tunnels. These requirements include:

  • Design complete stainless steel 316
  • HCM curve (the HC-curve increased by 1300/1100 according to NEN-EN 1991-1-2)
  • Simplicity so that the door can be exchanged easily and quickly
  • Opening force below 100N (10Kg)

The 92 existing escape doors in the tunnel tubes of Barendrecht roofing, therefore, all have to be adapted. These have to be provided with, among other things, LED frames around the emergency exit doors of the tunnel tubes, warning alerts must be placed on escape doors leading to another tunnel tube and escape route pictograms must be placed at the other emergency exit doors. In addition, the current locking of escape doors has to be adjusted.

Before the current escape route system can be replaced, Anton Rail & Infra B.V. first perform a FAT and SAT. After the challenging engineering in recent months, the implementation design of the escape route system of the roof in Barendrecht was approved and the FAT (Factory Acceptence Test) could be carried out. The FAT is a test setup at the factory where the entire system is assembled and tested on a simulated wall.

Thanks to the efforts of the other subsidiaries of Anton, the door supplier and ProRail, the FAT has been a success! Now working to the SAT (Site Acceptence Test) where the escape door system must be mounted and tested on the actual wall.