Rest Work Public Transport Terminal Utrecht

In recent years, several contractors have been working hard on the new Public Transport Terminal Utrecht, better known as Utrecht Central Station. Now that the work at the terminal is in a final phase, Anton Rail & Infra B.V. carried out an extensive range of residual work on behalf of ProRail. The so-called dots on the ‘i’. The scope of the project mainly concerns architectural and technical installation work on various objects in the station hall, platforms, middle tunnel, expedition cellar and the bus station on the west side divided into various work packages. Some examples are:

  • The installation of a snow collecting system on the roof of the station hall;
  • The coating / finishing of (roller) staircases
  • The removal of dilapidated cables, pipes and installations under the traverse floor;
  • Architectural and installation technical adjustments in the platform buildings;
  • Reducing the staircase entrance platform 3 from the middle tunnel.

Again a beautiful and versatile project where the power between the various disciplines of the Anton Group is proven and the work is carried out to the full satisfaction of the client and stakeholders.