Renovation station Rotterdam Noord

Anton Rail & Infra B.V. is commissioned by ProRail to renew Rotterdam Noord station. The current station is on an unstable slope. We are going to restore this, so that the station can meet the track stability requirements. On the north side we will reinforce the slope with a sheet pile screen of 75 meters wide and 16 meters deep. The ramp in the slope is then renewed and integrated into stacked planting sections. We hereby take special measures to allow two monumental trees to stand. We are making the ramp longer and therefore less steep so that the station becomes more accessible for disabled travelers. We also renew the stairs.

On the south side of the station we remove the slope to create space for a new elevator and stairs. Sheet pile planks with a length of 24 meters are pressed in at the top of the slope and provided with grout injection anchors. Grout anchors are anchors made of grout, a mixture of water and cement and auxiliaries that make it waterproof after curing. This mixture is injected into the soil via a high-pressure tube, after which the tube is withdrawn and the mixture hardens, often around a steel rod or bundle of prestressing wires. When these anchors are placed, we remove the slope and build the elevator and the stairs. The monumental station building must be preserved and we must work around existing cables and pipes.

All objects, requirements (600+) and changes to the project are managed according to the latest systems engineering methodology. Anton will start work in October, the work will take approximately 10 months.