Renewing elevator and escalator installations

Commissioned by ProRail, Anton Rail & Infra is replacing and renovating a number of lift and escalator installations at the stations of: Leiden Central, Rotterdam Blaak, Rotterdam South, Heemstede-Aerdenhout, Amsterdam RAI, Lelystad Centrum, Diemen Zuid and Duivendrecht. This concerns a total of 15 escalators and 6 lifts divided over 3 contracts, of which the escalator at Diemen Zuid station and the lift at Lelystad Center have now been replaced.

When replacing an escalator, the complete escalator installation, together with the container in which it is located, is replaced by a new installation. An escalator renovation is slightly different. The frame of the escalator remains intact during renovation. The installation in this frame is disassembled and a new installation is then reassembled. A total of 7 escalators will be renovated and 8 escalators will be replaced. A beautiful and challenging job for Anton Rail & Infra.