Maintenance of rail buildings in the North-West region

On behalf of ProRail, Anton Rail & Infra performs maintenance on 5 rail-bound buildings in the North-West region.

As a result of leaks in the crawl spaces of 3 rail-bound buildings, ProRail has decided to improve the situation at these locations.
The existing cable entries are provided with a watertight construction. And eventually the crawl spaces will be delivered dry and clean.
The legs of the computer floor have been replaced at 1 location due to a rusted bottom.

The ventilation hoods of two substations contain material containing asbestos. Research has shown that the ventilation hoods cannot therefore be replaced separately from the fans.
That is why ProRail has decided to replace both the ventilation hoods and the fans. Because the rail-bound buildings have monument status, the ventilation hoods may only be replaced by identical-looking hoods.

Finally, the maintenance of all rail-bound buildings in the North-West region will consist of providing recognition signs with the text: Do not extinguish with water.