Lifting porphyry paths on part emplacement Leidschendam

During working days in weeks 14 through 46, the porphyry paths will be lifted on part of emplacement Leidschendam and part re-installed.

The following work has been carried out:

  • Lifting the trail, also serving as an entry and exit service for train staff
  • Construction of porphyry path
  • Observe obstacles as required by appointment
  • The provision of a route including two overpasses and four scary gates
  • Raising various washing and filling hydrants at different locations
  • The application of hardening between traces
  • Add ballast between road and rail
  • Other small work
  • Incorporation of cable and gas cookers

The work is carried out in accordance with the CROW 132 ” work in or with contaminated soil ”. The workers in the picture are not working in a contaminated area.