Lifting 220 meters platform at station Arnemuiden in 52-hour

Commissioned by ProRail, Anton Rail & Infra is working on the renovation of the platforms at station Arnemuiden. Between now and 2030, ProRail wants all platforms in the Netherlands to be 76 cm high, so that they are on the ground floor with the entry of the train. This height is important for people with a limited mobility to be able to use the train independently.

During the weekend of week 43 in 2017, Anton Rail & Infra tackled platform 2 of station Arnemuiden. During a 52-hour (!) out of service, we renewed 220 meters of platform and brought it to the right height. In week 21 and week 25 of 2018, platform 1 of station Arnemuiden will be taken care of in a time frame of again 2 times 52 hours.