Completion of 27 emergency exit doors and 52 tunnel fans

During the weekend of week 45, we were able to successfully deliver our 27 emergency exit doors and 52 tunnel ventilators to ProRail. As a surprise, Riet Schroven (Project Director of ProRail) came by to see what Anton Rail & Infra, together with its sister companies, has managed to achieve in the Schiphol rail tunnel.

Both the square existing fans could be dismantled and the new round fans could be hung by means of a self-designed trestle. This principle with our own designed trestle was also used for the emergency exit doors, so that we were able to replace one emergency door within 6 hours.

Both the emergency exit doors and the tunnel fans are an important part of the fire safety facility.

The tunnel fans have an important function in daily use with regard to controlling the air quality in the tunnel and when a fire breaks out for the removal of the released smoke. On the one hand, the emergency exit doors have been developed to provide a safe escape route: the “adhesive magnet” keeps the emergency exit door open for 5 minutes, allowing the masses of people to escape safely. On the other hand, when the crowd has fled, the emergency exit door closes automatically and is able to keep out both the fire and smoke for 120 minutes.

These two projects together contribute to a safer Schiphol rail tunnel.