Anton Rail & Infra replaces 27 emergency exit doors in the Schiphol railway tunnel

After the successful completion of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the test wall at Anton Rail & Infra, the Sight Acceptance Test (SAT) took place last weekend: the test on location in the Schiphol railway tunnel.

Testing in record time

During the SAT, it is tested whether the door actually functions properly in the Schiphol railway tunnel. In collaboration with Anton Constructiewerken, Anton Industrial Services, Anton Air Support and Hoogendijk Bouw, Anton Rail & Infra replaced an emergency exit door in just 6 hours.


Planning work

The weekends are requested based on expectations. If the activities are so complex that more weekends are needed, they will initially have to be found in existing closures. There are about four weekends per year available for work, as Schiphol Airport must be accessible 24 hours a day. The run-up to work during a shutdown is also a complicated process, in which various interests have to be weighed, for example those of Schiphol on the one hand and NS Passengers on the other.

Every Anton has his own expertise

The fact that the Anton Group is versatile, is nothing new. The various operating companies are also making their specialist contributions during this project. Anton Constructiewerken mainly supplies manpower for the implementation on location. Our mechanic helps in the preliminary phase of the implementation with practical solutions for the assembly, such as the method of assembly and the design of an auxiliary frame for picking up the old and new doors with a roller. In addition, Construction Works also manufactured these auxiliary frames.

Anton Air Support contributes to specific knowledge of the installation. This knowledge has been gained during years of maintenance that the specialists of Air Support have been allowed to do. Hoogendijk Bouw is fully ready to support you during the replacement of the emergency exit doors.

Replacing remaining emergency exit doors

The successful completion of the SAT gave the starting shot for the replacement of the other 26 emergency exit doors. The first 9 will be replaced in December and the remaining 18 in 2021.