Wash station for concrete trucks

Anton Industrial Services has been commissioned by a concrete mortar (RMC) plant to provide the engineering, construction and production of a new washing station for concrete mixer trucks.

The concrete mixer trucks that transport liquid concrete to their destination must be properly maintained. At the end of a working day, it is important that the trucks are thoroughly cleaned, both the inside of the mixing drum and the various components of the concrete mixer truck to prevent concrete residues from sticking to any objects.

In order to carry out the cleaning process in safe, sustainable and user-friendly environment, the client involved Anton Industrial Services in order to carry out the entire process. This includes the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the electrical system, pump installation including PE piping, high-pressure cleaning system and steel platforms.

The washing station can accommodate 5 concrete mixer trucks which can be cleaned simultaneously. The driver of the concrete mixers, parks the car beneath the water inlet, after which a pump is started by pressing the button, causing that a cubic meter of water is poured into the mixing drum to clean the drum. Meanwhile, the driver can clean the truck with the high-pressure spray lances; with the platform in place all parts can be reached safely. All the waste water is then collected in the underlying settlement pits, after the cement has settled, the water will be pumped  to the clean water basin and the remaining slurry can be removed by a shovel. The water will then be reused for the washing station or pumped into the production process.

Altogether a very successful project with multiple disciplines.