Replacing cyclone bunkers Velsen-Noord

For a regular client, Anton Industrial Services has been replacing 2 cyclone bunkers in Velsen-Noord in a complex technical installation. The challenge of the project was the small space available around the cyclone bunkers. As a result, it was not possible to use standard equipment and a different approach was required. Ultimately, in order to achieve the desired result, Anton Industrial Services first engineered and manufactured a temporary auxiliary frame. This made it possible to safely replace the cyclone bunkers.

Replacing the cyclone bunkers

After the specialists of Anton Industrial Services had removed the old cyclone bunkers, they could be lifted out of the building. Subsequently, it was possible to hoist the new cyclone bunkers in. The cyclone bunkers are placed in the right place by means of the auxiliary frame.

A successful project

Well within the available time the replacing of 2 cyclone bunkers in Velsen-Noord was completed. As a result of which Anton Industrial Service has once again, successfully delivered a project to a satisfied client.