Modifications for floating crane

Anton Industrial Services has carried out various modifications to a self-propelled floating crane for a stevedoring company.

In order to be able to carry out proper and safe maintenance on the crane vessel, walkways have been mounted along the upper arm and new platforms have been installed at the front and rear. The crane is also equipped with a new cabin boom frame. From here, the platforms can be accessed via a cage ladder. The modifications for the floating crane could then be carried out safely

Construction parts prepared in workshop

In the workshop, the construction parts were prepared as much as possible. After the 45-tonne upper arm had been disassembled, our technicians welded various supports to the crane parts on site. These activities have been carried out and inspected in accordance with quality standard NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2.

Before the upper arm was lifted back onto the floating crane, the Anton Industrial Services technicians mounted the cabin boom under the upper arm, after which it was placed on the crane vessel as a whole.