14 conveyor belts for recycling plant

Anton Industrial Services supplied the conveyor belts for the entire pre-sorting for a plastic recycling factory. In total, these are 14 conveyor belts in different configurations with a total length of 137 meters.

Conveyor belts for separating waste

Flat slide belt, roller belt and buckle belt conveyors are used for this. Ultimately, the plastic waste in this factory is separated into different types of plastic by means of innovative techniques, after which these can be used as new, pure raw materials.

Short delivery time

One of the award factors was the delivery time. Anton Industrial Services manufactured and assembled the conveyor belts, belt supports and transition funnels within a short period of time.

The entire design was carried out by our skilled engineers. The design takes great account of the accessibility of all parts, so that they can be replaced easily and quickly if necessary. All parts consist of high-quality components to guarantee high service life and a long service life.

The engineers of Anton Industrial Services took care of the assembly of all components and commissioning on site. After which the installation was delivered to the complete satisfaction of the client.