Renew anchors working platforms Afsluitdijk

Anton Constructiewerken has overhauled the anchors of the working rafts for the work on the Afsluitdijk. The anchors must stay on the bottom of the IJsselmeer for at least two more years, while the work is already being carried out for some time. Because replacement is very expensive, the client has opted for revision. A nice challenge during this job, was the transport of the anchors. They are 3 meters long and about 3.4 meters wide. each The largest anchor weighs 7 tons. Hard to lift that on a trailer. The men from Anton Constructiewerken have made an inspection report, which the customer has assessed. After agreement, this was the basis for the revision. The work lasted one week. During the work, we cut / ground the corroded spots and corners and replaced them with self-cut plates. The client has chosen Anton Constructiewerken because of our total package of services: coordination, inspection and implementation.