Optimization and expansion of existing sorting installation

Anton Construction, in collaboration with Anton Industrial Services, realized a conversion to optimize and expand the existing Waste Sorting Installation.

The optimization concerned the sorting line for bulky household waste, construction and demolition waste and sortable industrial waste (ASI). The expansion concerned the implementation of a processing installation for unsortable waste (OSI). The scope of the delivery ranged from engineering to assembly and commissioning of the steel structures and installation components.

Optimization and expansion in 3D

Harder Construction- & Advice carried out the engineering of the support structures and platforms of the installation. They mapped out the existing situation by means of 3D scans and drew in the new parts in 3D. Anton Industrial Services has realized the engineering of the machine components, including the design of a steel plate belt.

Short downtime, great effect

The construction and machine parts are manufactured by Anton Construction and Anton Industrial Services and partly assembled in Obdam prior to transport. During a short shutdown of about 2 weeks, the old installation was partly dismantled and the new parts were assembled and put into operation.

Fiber-reinforced concrete island

Anton Construction & Concrete Technic also realized the concrete island on which the crane for powering the installation could be placed. Use was made of fiber-reinforced concrete.