(dis)Assembly piping, shut-off valve and mechanical parts pellet plant

18 October 2018

At a height of 40 meters, a cooling pipe – with a diameter of 1.5 meters – comes out of the wall at a Pellet factory as a chimney. The pipe is connected to the main pipe of the factory via a shut-off valve. The route of the hot air flow can thus be regulated. The piping had been damaged, so it needed replacement and adjustment.

Anton Industrial Services has taken care of the correct production of the components of the new and modified piping, including a new shut-off valve. During the standstill period of week 38 up to week 40, Anton Industrial Services took care of the complete assembly / disassembly of the piping, shut-off valve and other components. The pipework was (dis) assembled on the basis using a 70 ton and 100 ton mobile crane. In addition to the production and assembly of steel parts, the connection of the mechanical components (including motors and drives) is included in this work.

To make the project complete and accessible for maintenance, a new platform has also been installed around the piping.

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Anton Industrial Services



Anton Industrial Services

Start project
September 2018

Project length
12 days

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