Replacement escalator Diemen-Zuid railstation

Anton Rail & Infra has been commissioned by ProRail for the replacement of the escalator at Diemen-Zuid railstation. The escalator is at the end of its life. In the weekend of Friday 26 March, the old escalator was dismantled and removed from the station in two parts. After this, the new escalator was installed immediately. To make this possible, a hoisting installation was installed on the platform, with which the escalator could be removed from its position.

Work finished ahead of schedule

The replacement of the escalator at Diemen-Zuid railstation was so streamlined that the work could be completed a day ahead of schedule. This was also possible, because of the collaboration with Hoogendijk Bouw, who dismantled a facade for Anton Rail & Infra, so that the escalator could be driven outside. The old escalator has been successfully removed and the new escalator installed. The escalator will be assembled and put into operation in the coming weeks.