Sporty & positive


The Anton Group is happy to support (sporting) events in the region. For example, we can be seen a lot during the cycling rounds in the north of Noord-Holland, but we also do not turn around for a game of football and other events. We sponsor in the form of resources and products, or financially, depending on the situation, the wishes and our possibilities. Do you have a sponsor request for us? Then you are not alone! So send your request, with clear arguments to convince us of the need, to our Marketing, Communication & Sponsoring department. And we will see what we can do for you.

We sponsor our colleagues

The Anton Group is truly a company for and by its personnel. We therefore think along with our colleagues on all sides. As an employee you can always submit a request for sponsorship of an event or club. The result is that we can be seen a lot at clubs in the region and with actions of our colleagues, such as football and handball clubs, tennis, billiards, darts and gymnastics clubs. We also have our own sponsor shirts that you can borrow for a sporting event, such as a City Run.

What are the criteria for sponsoring?

  • Will the initiative take place in West-Friesland?
  • Does sponsorship increase the brand awareness of the Anton Group?
  • Does this sponsorship help to maintain our relationship network?
  • Does the project contribute to well-being in the region?
  • Can we reach certain target groups through the sponsorship?

When do we not sponsor anyway?

  • When, in our opinion, the initiative may endanger the safety and/or health of those involved.
  • If we don’t see any social benefit.
  • When direct or indirect financial gain is the main objective of the initiative.
  • When there is public discussion about finances or when it concerns a specific political or religious background.