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Security shutters and folding gates

De Leeuw Protection Systems is a manufacturer, supplier and mechanic of Front Security folding gates, rolling grilles and shutters. Front Security provides a total package in the field of architectural security.

  • The Front Vision® transparent security shutter consists of anodised aluminium hinges and transparent polycarbonate windows. The transparency level of this security shutter lays around 80 percent. Because polycarbonate is 250 times as strong as glass of the same thickness, the transparent security shutter is very solid and can be perfectly used for security purposes. Read more
  • Rolling grilles are especially suitable for separating a passage or securing (shop) windows, where a lot of transparency or ventilation is required. One of the advantages of a rolling grille is that it is available in very large dimensions. Read more
  • Folding gates are mainly used for securing facades and doors. Thanks to the scissor construction, the scissor gate can easily be folded into a package of small dimensions. Read more
  • Shutters for airports are also supplied by Front Security. Front Security has already delivered more than 360 sequential PBB shutters all around the world, under which the following locations: Paris ( Orly + CdG ); Nice; Nantes; Strasbourg; Toulon; Zürich; Vienna; Frankfurt; Munich; Paderborn; Luxembourg; Stockholm-Arlanda; Malaga; Congo; Jeddah; Abu Dhabi.. Read more