Safety is an important part of construction. Within the Anton Group, “consciously working safe” is one of the core competencies of the policy next to quality, working conditions and the environment. The management has described and confirmed this in the policy statement. This policy provides a framework for the implementation of the processes at strategic, tactical and operational level. We have made an inventory of the risks, after which the correct control measures have been described and implemented. All work equipment and materials are regularly maintained and periodically inspected. How safe do you work?


We address each other upon unsafe behavior and unsafe actions and we accept that we are addressed.

Toolbox meetings

During monthly Toolbox meetings, we discuss topics in the areas of Quality, Working Conditions and the Environment at all levels.

Clothing and Protection

All employees have proper work clothing and personal protective equipment to be able to work safely.

Diplomas & Competencies

All our employees have the right competences and diplomas for the execution of their work.

Report unsafe situations

Our employees are encouraged to report unsafe situations and actions.

The QHSE manager

Quality, Working Conditions and Environment are managed and coordinated by the QHSE manager.

The QHSE manager coordinates Quality, Working Conditions and Environment within the Anton Group. He ensures that management has the right resources and information to manage these pillars. Every year we formulate objectives for Quality, Working Conditions and the Environment to continuously improve our performance. Each business unit formulates its own actions to achieve these objectives.

Quality, Working Conditions and the Environment is not something we do ‘on the side’. It is part of our work. Throughout the year. Every day again.