Renovation of monumental platform covers

Anton Rail & Infra started in April 2020 with the restoration of monumental platform covers at Groningen main station.

Recently, the platform covers of platforms 1 and 2 were successfully removed and the steel construction dismantled.

Collaboration with Anton Industrial Services

Anton Rail & Infra collaborated with Anton Industrial Services to disassemble the steel construction.


In the coming years, the steel construction will be completely restored and preserved.

The steel construction and platform covers will be replaced in mid-August 2022.


The platform hoods have now been transported from Leeuwarden to Obdam. The platform hoods that have been dismantled in parts are now in a shed at Anton Rail & Infra in Obdam (North Holland). Before they came here they made a stop-over. They were first taken from Groningen to a warehouse in Leeuwarden to disassemble them further. There the elements were blasted to remove the old layers of paint. Only then did they go on transport to Obdam.

Inventory and calculation

In Obdam it is being examined how strong the platform parts still are. It will all have to comply with current laws and regulations. Based on the inventory and calculations, it is determined for each element whether and how to restore. It is also possible that some parts are so bad that they are no longer usable and need to be replaced. This is done in consultation with the Monument Committee of the Municipality of Groningen. The approach is to preserve as many historical materials as possible while at the same time making the platform roofs suitable for the next 100 years.

Relocation of platform hoods in 2022

After the recovery process, the elements are conserved; they receive treatment to prevent damage from outside influences. Then they are ready for installation on site. This will take place in 2022, when the renovation of the station is largely completed.

Source: Groninger Internet Courant (GIC)