Multifilm sun protection in care complex at Hoogkarspel

27 October 2020

Sun protection is indispensable in healthcare. A comfortable temperature is an essential factor for residents to feel safe and secure in their environment. For this reason, a large healthcare organization in Hoogkarspel opted for Multifilm sun blinds for several of its locations.

De Leeuw Protection Systems, main supplier of Multifilm in the Netherlands, installed the multifunctional Multifilm sun protection in various rooms in the care complex. This is also the case in this conservatory. The glass roof was fitted with electric roller blinds, type MultiSky in the color scheme silver / anthracite with a foil density of 1%. The mechanics of De Leeuw Protection Systems provided all cabling and connections for the installation of the electrical roller blinds. The manually operated ClassicLine roller blinds with a light transmission of 2% were installed on the facade.

Durable and energy-saving sun protection

By choosing Multifilm, the residents can continue to enjoy their beautiful view and at the same time enjoy a pleasant indoor climate. However, MultiFilm has many more advantages. In the summer, the indoor sun blinds repel the heat, so that cooling installations have to work less hard and can yield savings of up to 29%. On the other hand, the system works as insulation in winter. When the Multifilm sun protection systems are closed at night, the cold stays outside. The insulation value of the glass can even be doubled, depending on the type of glass. In short, energy savings in the summer and in the winter for this care complex!